Your Guide To Plantation Shutters

About Plantation Shutters

In the past, timber was used to make plantation shutters. While timber can still be used to make these shutters today, there are many other materials used as well. For example, aluminium is a popular option, as is PVC. These shutters are sometimes referred to as louvres. However, there is a key difference between plantation shutters and louvres. Louvres can’t be moved, but plantation shutters have blades that can be adjusted to allow more or less light into a space.

These shutters have been traditionally used as a window covering, but today, they can be used in more ways than that. It’s possible for these shutters to be used on the interior or exterior of a property. There are many hinging methods, which means shutters can even be used as doors.

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The Benefits of Plantation Shutters

There are many window treatments to choose from. Why should you use plantation shutters? They offer many advantages, such as their stylish design. Some shutters look more formal, while others are more casual. Shutters can complement a modern home beautifully, but they also look beautiful in traditional styles. They’re a great option for homes of all types. From family homes to properties with a more unusual design, you’ll be able to find shutters that work for your home.

Beyond that, these shutters are practical. Because of the adjustable slats, you have control over the amount of light that enters a space. When the slats are completely closed, virtually all sunlight will be blocked out. When the shutters are completely open, you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of natural light in your home. Because of the way shutters are designed, they can reduce some of the harshness of sunlight during the hottest time of the day. They can create a dappled light effect that’s visually appealing.

Selecting The Right Materials For Your Shutters

One of the biggest benefits of timber is that it offers natural insulation. However, with shutters made from PVC or aluminium, it may be possible to keep any heat from entering a room.

There are benefits to every type of material.

Timber has a natural appearance, which could compliment the design of your home.

If home security is a concern for you, you may find that aluminium is your best choice. It’s suitable for indoor or outside use. It’s a resilient material that is easy to keep clean.

People often gravitate towards PVC because it’s so affordable, but it offers other benefits as well. It can look similar to timber shutters that have been painted, but it won’t need the same level of upkeep.

If you’re a fan of how natural timber looks, you’ll be impressed with the options you have for plantation shutters. A durable timber will be used when your new shutters are constructed. There are many types of timber to choose from, but your options will be more limited for exterior shutters. You’ll need to choose a type of timber that can withstand harsh weather. You can focus more on aesthetics when it comes to interior shutters.

The blades on aluminium shutters are slimmer than the blades you would see on timber shutters. They are coated in powder and available in an array of colours. They’re ideal for areas that tend to be damp, such as the kitchen, and they’re an excellent choice for exterior use as well. When outside, you can rinse them off using a hose. Indoors, they can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

If you have to cover many windows in your home, and your budget is limited, you may find that PVC shutters are the best option for you. Not only do these shutters look stylish, but they’re resistant to UV rays and fading. Numerous styles and colours are available. You can choose something that resembles natural timber of shutters with a more modern design. They’re an excellent option for damp areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

The Different Kinds Of Plantation Shutters

You’ll find an impressive selection of plantation shutters on the market today. This means you’ll have numerous options available to you. You can decide between various opening mechanisms, including hinges, bifold, or sliding shutters. It’s even possible to install plantation shutter doors in your home.

There are many blade widths available as well. While the 90 mm option is particularly popular, there are different sizes available. You can even customise the blade widths of your shutters.

The Cost Of Plantation Shutters

The majority of blind suppliers carry shutters. When working with a supplier, you should specify that you’re specifically looking for plantation-style shutters. Although these shutters are available in many materials, there are suppliers that only market shutters made from timber as plantation shutters. If you specify that you’re interested in plantation shutters made from PVC or aluminium, the suppliers will be able to give you more options. It’s also possible to have a joinery produce timber plantation shutters for you.

Although standard sizes can be purchased, the majority of plantation shutters are custom-made. You can choose the blade size you would like and look at the hinging mechanism that you prefer.